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  • On arrival of material by Company/ Pvt., vehicles or other means to the facility stop the same at the gate.
  • Check BILL / DC for verification and the correctness of address, and if the materials is consigned to this facility only.
  • Check correctness of the goods. Call up stores and inform them the arrival of goods.
  • Enter the records in the INCOMING material register.


  • Visitors to be properly and appropriately greeted according to the time of the day and asked their nature of business.
  • Collect their visiting card/details. Ask them to be seated.
  • Call up concerned officer/staff of the facility and enquiry if visitor is to be allowed in.


  • Material leaving the facility premises must have a authorized and properly made out gate pass. It should carry only authorized signatures. Gate pass without authorized signature is not to be accepted. Send material back to stores / inform personnel dept.
  • Check the quantity of the material, as listed in the gate pass, Any discrepancy inform stores/personnel dept. Always ensure correctness of material leaving the facility.


  • All material which is to be returned back to the facility namely samples, repairable items, replacement parts etc are to be sent on RETURNABLE MATERIAL pass with the authorized signatory’s approval.
  • The complete description, nature of dispatch and likely date of return is to be entered in the Returnable Material Register.


  • Workers during working hours are not to be let out of the factory without authorization.
  • The worker in case has to go out will have to get permission from concerned officer and move out on worker out pass.
  • Relevant entries in the out pass register, signatures and verifications of the out pass by made.


The Head of depts. should furnish a list of workers, section wise, who are authorized to perform OT, to the security by 3 p.m. The security will ensure that only whose names appear in the OT authorization list are permitted to stay in the premises and the rest of them should be checked out. The record will be passed to the personnel department for processing.

About Us

Global Security Services, proud to stat that, the rich experience gleaned over years, has lead to successful establishment in the field of manpower consultant, pioneering efforts in the field have won the company rich accolades and prestigious contracts with leading multinational companies and corporates. Global Security Services can source and provide smart, savvy professionals across the spectrum of auxiliary requirements.

What We Do

Global Security Services stand ready to offer you consultancy & planning in order to workout appropriate and economical security arrangements for your specific needs & requirements. Our service will range from the basic regiments of watch and ward to highly trained, skilled and educated special guard corps, who can handle protocol, patrols as well as gate security. We assure you that, one guard will stand up to any situation and face them with efficient & confidence.

Quality Guaranteed

Our supervisors and field officers, majority of whom have meritoriously served in the Army, will definitely prove to be workaholic, will supervise this respective areas to get the best results. Thus experienced personnel are vetted by HR team and will be positioned in your facility on your approval and satisfaction only. GSS conforms to all Governmental norms, including regulations regarding minimum wages and applicable DA rates, stipulated contributions of ESI/PF and other statutory payments.

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