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Security Personnel

There is a comprehensive in Security Personnel's practical applicability but can be altered/ modified to suit unit specific requirements.




  • The Security personnel outlook will be smart, physically fit, good and clean in appearance and have a firm but pleasant personality.
  • Security personnel is aware of the drill procedures of saluting and related drill movements of coming to attention and at ease positions.
  • Security personnel will have trim hair cut, clean shave, and wear clean uniform, tie, belt, black socks and polished black shoes.
  • Security personnel always wear ID cards.  He is also equipped with and posses a baton, whistle, a pen and small pocket book. Night Security personnel will always carry a torch and baton.
  • The security personnel will be alert at all point of time and aware of the happenings around him. He should be well versed with the instructions of the company to act according to the situation.
  • The security personnel is able to communicate effectively to convey his intention in a cogent manner. He will know the local language as also English and Hindi preferably.
  • Security personnel will be aware of the manner to interact with visitors, senior managers, directors, staff, etc. He will be courteous, polite, and firm in application of rules and polices of the company without fear or favour. His is able to converse on telephone, take messages etc.
  • The security personnel will always a sense of belonging to the company, and an overt show of physical presence which is a deterrent to mischief mongers within and without the premises.

About Us

Global Security Services, proud to stat that, the rich experience gleaned over years, has lead to successful establishment in the field of manpower consultant, pioneering efforts in the field have won the company rich accolades and prestigious contracts with leading multinational companies and corporates. Global Security Services can source and provide smart, savvy professionals across the spectrum of auxiliary requirements.

What We Do

Global Security Services stand ready to offer you consultancy & planning in order to workout appropriate and economical security arrangements for your specific needs & requirements. Our service will range from the basic regiments of watch and ward to highly trained, skilled and educated special guard corps, who can handle protocol, patrols as well as gate security. We assure you that, one guard will stand up to any situation and face them with efficient & confidence.

Quality Guaranteed

Our supervisors and field officers, majority of whom have meritoriously served in the Army, will definitely prove to be workaholic, will supervise this respective areas to get the best results. Thus experienced personnel are vetted by HR team and will be positioned in your facility on your approval and satisfaction only. GSS conforms to all Governmental norms, including regulations regarding minimum wages and applicable DA rates, stipulated contributions of ESI/PF and other statutory payments.

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